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Monday, Monday… what a circus!

This past Monday was a free for all for HT (or free-fall as she calls it). It was completely ruled by Murphy’s Law. Sit back and be prepared to be amazed.

Listen while you read!

It was a miracle in its own right, her temperamental car starting in subzero temperatures. But by the time she came home from her first errand she had to cancel all her other plans to call her doctor instead (Boo hoo for her I say). She’s fine other than sciatica issues . I swear she’s not yet 30 and already she’s falling apart.

Next she realized MY site was down because thinking and setting up automatic payments with hosting site are two very different things.

After that the day seemed to be going in the right direction again, she even got cooking and cleaning done but just around her bedtime things got screwy.
I mean a train wreck screwy if it was actually inflatable trains full of fuddled clowns.

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