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10 Ideal Gifts for the Ant Obsessed

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not this is the perfect time to indulge your every whim and buy presents for others too.  What better way to show someone you care than to give them an ant inspired gift?  Here is a list of things any mutant ant would love or even one very ant obsessed human.

1-4.  Etsy Ants

That is right just search for ants over on the cute, creative online bazar and you’ll find anything and everything ant themed.  Jewelry,  like this large glass ant cocktail ring or cute ant bracelet, would be great for old and young ant lovers alike.  There are plenty of prints too, like this Vintage Dictionary Art Print or the adorable Knobby Knee Ant.  If you do a Geekery search for ants that about sums it all up there is everything for everyone.

5-7.  Movie Ants

HT & I posted a list of Ant Movies back in 2009 and they are worth checking out. Here are three movies covering different genres:

A Bug's Life (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)NOVA: Ants - Little Creatures Who Run the WorldThem! (Keepcase)

A Bug’s Life is a family classic everyone can enjoy. NOVA: Ants – Little Creatures Who Run the World is a documentary hosted by Edward O. Wilson.  Them! is an old movie that will bug you out!

8-10.  Toy Ants

Hexbug AntAnts In The Pants Spongebob EditionFascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

Hexbug Ant, they’ll entertain you, your pets but hopefully not any children under the age of three.  Ants In The Pants Spongebob Edition feel bad for the ants not the sponge. Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue is great for your inner world ruler.

My top wish list item?

The cute ant bracelet.  It is so, well, cute!

Now I’m off to place a few orders with HT’s card while she is taking a nap. Happy shopping!

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