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Check out eL’s Facebook Page!

Yep, so we’ve been on Facebook for awhile but finally the page has it’s own url.  Come on your excited too!  Instead of being Bruce Willis “not idididididi-ooh” in Fifth Element trying to make sense of someone’s long name  it a shorter name just!

New things are happening, namely a updated Welcome page & a Featured Video page too, one that took HT way too long to figure out how to embed the video.  And that was with a template too!  So check it out and share your thoughts here, there, anywhere!

Please Ignore the Swiftly Changing Themes

Never do anything when you’ve been awake all night.  Especially if you don’t back up your work first.  I upgraded a template that sadly isn’t compatible with WP 3.0 and poof now it is one hot mess.  So here is the default template which is very cute until I get some sleep and vanquish this cold.

I should add read blogging for dummies to my 30by30 list.

An apology to my neglected blogs

My poor, sad neglected blogs have been reproaching me with looks of guilt that only your mother should be able to accomplish. Where have I been? How could I forget them?

I say to all my blogs (okay, I may not talk to my blogs but I’ve been caught unashamedly begging my camera not to die during its long terminal illness) that I’m sorry, truly, I haven’t forgotten them but lately life has forced me to put them on the back burner, or maybe the microwave.

I’m hopefully going to graduate from a 9 month course this summer and most of my classes are online. It is easy for me to get distracted and with less than two months away from finals I’ve really needed to buckle down and when I’m not studying I’m working.

What do you do when you hit a blogging slump? Do you put up a hiatus notice? Every time I decided too I would pump out a few more posts. Do you reevaluate why you’re blogging? What your blogging goals are?

Any kernels of wisdom would be appreciated… I’ve been reevaluating and reworking my blogging goals for at least three blogs. It feels a bit like spring cleaning, I’m reorganizing and it is refreshing, but the actual cleaning won’t begin well into the summer.

Until then I’ll keep my notebooks of posts and ideas filled.

Your sleep deprived blogger-


Break time is over… get back to work!

Photograph of Women Working at a Bell System Telephone Switchboard

Hello Readers!  It is me, Eliza Leigh Mutant Ant and I’m back.  After a month of listening to my Humanoid aka Translator mutter out dialogue and write her novel in her Wonder Woman notebook National Novel Writing Month is over.  (It took her almost another month to get back to me!)

This means my forced exile is also over.  Can I get a hallelujah? Don’t worry I know you’ve missed me.

Over a month away has given me time to reevaluate my blog & my human’s usefulness.  A few new topics will be unveiled in the coming months.  One I am very excited is an advice column hosted by yours truly… that is if I can convince my human.  In other news, I have plenty of things to tell you about, complain about and educate all of you on.

How was your month?  Did you participate in NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, PiBoIdMo or Movember?  I tried to convince my human to do the Mustache bid. She didn’t like that idea at all.

Wondering Where I’ve Been?

I have a lovely post just waiting to go live telling you what I’ve been up to this past month but in the meantime I wanted to let you know that my human has finals this week and another dratted cold so she is still ignoring me.

If she keeps this up much longer I’m going to have to take drastic measures.

The plus is that she has promised to devote more time to Muah on her break than her silly camera and I have some brilliant ideas that have been hard to hold back.

Here it is a rainy, icy, slushie mix.  See even the sky is sad that my blog has been so quiet.  Really, next semester I’m going to have to lay the law down with my humanoid.  No homework until my blog is done.

That sounds fair doesn’t it!?

Hope you are all staying sane, one crazy human is enough to deal with at a time Thank You very much.

National Novel Writing Month Starts Now!

Today NaNoWriMo begins and while it doesn’ mean much to a mutant ant like me, my human has abandoned me to type her own stories.  I find it annoying.  I told her I would except her month siesta only if she wrote my memoirs, but she just laughed.  We’ll see who is laughing when she drinks her laxative laced coffee.

Dear readers this means that you have a full month without me.  Well, that is a lie, but I just wanted to warn you that by the end of the month she most likely will be howling at the moon and unable to update my blog.

Are you doing this nano thing too?  Crazy people…

New Page for your Viewing Pleasure

Hello minions!

Finally, I’m getting some work out of my humanoid.  She’s been busy with school but has put a few sleep deprived hours aside to do a bit of blog cleaning.  She wanted a pat on the back but firstly, my legs aren’t big enough for that to be very effective and secondly it’s her job

Here’s a new page that will be featured in the sidebar soon, Eliza Leigh’s Opinions.  If you have any requests on future opinion posts add a comment here and tell me what you want. 

Other pages she’s currently working on is Extras and some of it’s little offshoots.  Once she wakes up and finishes those as well, you’ll hear about it hear.

Authors Note: Update to Readers

Message from Author [as in real person not fictional]:

Just a quick update about this blog.
I’m currently taking summer classes so eL & humanoid are becoming sporadic [neurotic they've been from the beginning] in their posting.
Although our weekly posts [Word of the Week, Quote of the Week, Snapped...] will continue, many of Eliza’s rants will not appear here.  They are being written down though so don’t worry.
***New Feature updates can now be found at the bottom of this post. Check it out. ***

Have you seen eL or have a story you think she’d like to run her antenni over? Leave a comment here or send us a tweet at @opinonatedant.

While we are taking a little siesta, we’re reorganizing the site and what you can expect to find here. Look, some exciting things to look forward too!
Did you notice the different theme we’re trying out? What’s your opinion?

eL pic by eliopoulos


Human, I’m confused.

What was that funny interruption?

Why can’t I read it?

Did you break the site again?

walk for hunger 2009

walk for hunger 2009

Trying WordPress’ media library.  It always seems to work when I don’t have the pictures handy :)

More about 2009′s Walk for Hunger Soon!


Just trying out wordpress’s media library.  We started using flickr since we were having problems with uploading but since upgrading it works.
Now the question is do I like it enough to transfer all my pics over? hmm.
(update:  Feb 20th  Switched back to Flickr while my computers and the media library learn to play nice.)
(update:  Feb 25th  Upgraded my flickr plugin (which i love) but now all pictures same size!  so trying wp’s again : )

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