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Word of the Week: Fil’lip


Defined as:  a snap or blow with end of a finger, hence inticement1


Word definitions of the weekI always thought it was what you said to the gas attendant.

“That is fill her up. Shall I demonstrate fil’lip for you?”

No HT, stay away from me. Stop- AWWWW!




This word of the week was brought to you by the Oxford Dictionary.

  1. a variation of enticement

Word of the Week: Nugatory


Defined as:  Having no power, worth, or meaning

Word definitions of the week

Considering this is the first Word of the Week in nigh two months it is a good thing it’s nugatory.

“Quite unlike the credit card you opened in my name that went unnoticed and unpaid.”

You can’t prove it. You’re just a sad victim of identity theft.

This word of the week was brought to you by the Oxford Dictionary.

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Word of the week: Finch


Defined as: The surname of a narrow minded social worker who places Big Bird in Ohio and far away from Sesame Street.

“Eliza, finch is a seed eating bird.”

Well, I never said Miss Finch didn’t eat seeds did I?  Besides it is a word from this month’s movie.  Think any one will guess what it is?

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Gorignak

Defined as:

More specifically, in the movie “Gorignak” is the alien term used to describe a large, angry, and seemingly indestructible rock monster. In urban dictionaries, one definition is also an insult meaning obese.

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Conundrum

Defined as:
A confusing and difficult problem or question.

Brando tried to discuss a “relevant conundrum” with Nesmith but he was brushed off.

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Omega 13

Defined as:
While many believed this was a reactor capable of obliterating all matter in the universe in 13 seconds it is actually a matter re-arranger that allows for a 13 second jump into the past.

“Eliza, it’s not real, you understand that right? It is from Galaxy Quest.”

It is still a word isn’t it?

10 lines: Super Mario Brothers: Mario Part Deux

I'll be your hero.Photo Credit: vituh on Flickr

I may be short and rotund but am you’re hero.  The one you dream about saving you from dinosaurs.  Often underestimated, I’ve vanquished villains for twenty five years.  Plumber by vocation, princess protector by FATE.  My love for Princess never abates.  Married or not I stay.  To keep her safe.  Or fix toilets.  I’m there.  Forever.

Word of the Week: R.O.U.S.

R.O.U.S. is defined as:
Rodents of Unusual Size
-seen in The Princess Bride

I call HT an R.O.U.S. behind her back.

“Except I just typed it for you.  I feel like chocolate covered ants today.  Stop running, Eliza I just want to squish you.”

Stop it or I’ll call you Count Rugen next.

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Word of the Week: Blave

Welcome to 2011!  I’m taking a break from the rather colorful book of slang and will be sharing delightful words from books or movies.

Blave is defined as:
To bluff
-said by Mad Max in The Princess Bride 1

HT called me on it when I blaved that I could read her mind.  I can’t.  Not yet any ways.

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  1. Miracle Max thanks for catch k

Word of the Week: Dimber

Dimber is defined as:
Pretty. A dimber cove; a pretty fellow. Dimber mort; a pretty wench. CANT.
-1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose

You could call me dimber.

“Oh you’re a pretty fellow are you?”

Hey, it is dimer mort to you! Why can’t a mutant ant be pretty?

“I didn’t say you weren’t. But I really don’t think those fake eyelashes are necessary.”

They are hard to apply.

“Those would be my special golden eyelashes I was saving for a photo shoot. You are more of a dimber damber aren’t you?”

Dimber damber?

“The completest cheat.”

Quiet human!

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