Eliza Leigh’s Opinions

“If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a precise rhyme or reason to this site.  After all, it is all on the whim of a talking mutant ant.  An evil talking mutant ant.  A diabolical-”

Enough human, we get the point.  Sheesh and you say I’m dramatic.  Finally, I’ve convinced my “Humanoid Translator” to gather my opinion pieces all together.  Naturally, after you read one you’ll be salivating to read them all.

Human stop choking, keep typing!

January 2010

December 2009

Reckless Photographers: Shouldn’t Cry When They Ruin Their Cameras

November 2009

Lesson Learned: From Flat Tires

October 2009

7 Ways to Kill a Mutant Ant- or Die Trying

September 2009

Noses Grow & Not Just From Lying

eL Bizarro: Supermarket Serenade

July 2009

Why My Human is Not Productive

Pet Peeves at the Movies:  What’s Yours?

In the Garden:  It’s a Jungle in Here!

June 2009

Back from Outer Space… I Will Survive

March 2009

Floyd, Thistles and a Segway… Morning Mall Culture

February 2009
Driving Etiquette
- Driving Etiquette 103
- Driving Etiquette 102- Blocking
- Driving Etiquette 101

Hmm, I think you’re missing a few Human.  Get back to work!

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