HT, my humanoid translator, has finally agreed to start blogging for me again.  If this is your first visit you may want to scan out About page or browse through the posts. A few types of posts you might find here:  Photography, Words, & EntertainmentDon’t forget to sign up for weekly updates.

I broke it already!

HT was busy eating Pho and I jumped on all the keys until I messed everything up.  Now you know I’m back While she’s polishing up the site I’ll be ordering school books for her.

And we’re back!

Summer is almost over and after months of fighting with Humanoid Translator (HT) she finally agreed to start blogging for me again. I don’t know why she was so upset with me. So what if I stole her identity- we live in the same house you’d think she’d become suspicious when Godiva chocolate was delivered…

Snapped: I love trucks

Weekly Photo at

  One thing HT and I agree on is trucks are cool.

Snapped: NOT Winter Island

Did I mention I get lost often?  I eventually found my way to Winter Island though.

Trying out Twenty Eleven and making a mess!

Trying out Twenty Eleven & making a mess! Getting ready to unhibernate1 on August 1, 2011 You know what I mean. ↩

Snapped: Salem Views

Snapped: Old Salem North Carolina

Snapped: Moar Chocolate!

Snapped: Salem Sailing

Snapped: Motley Crew eats Cake

After the cake and chocolate swim Zombie Frank went into a sugar coma and we had to call The Doctor.

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