HT, my humanoid translator, has finally agreed to start blogging for me again.  If this is your first visit you may want to scan out About page or browse through the posts. A few types of posts you might find here:  Photography, Words, & EntertainmentDon’t forget to sign up for weekly updates.

Snapped: At PEM

Anyone guess what the boy is holding in the picture?  Hint: it was bought at HMart.

Snapped: It snowed on April 1st… really!

Hey strangers… I’m sure you’ve been as busy as HT & I & Mother Nature for that matter.  How many of you got snow on April 1st this year? HT was off to visit some friends in Gloucester and mentioned she was going to hit the beach first in passing.  Clearly, I am the only…

Snapped: Lynn Shore Drive

Instead of blogging HT has been playing hookey and exploring her neighborhood.  Exploring is code word for getting lost.  Have a great weekend!

Snapped: Old Salem North Carolina

Video of the Week: One Little Star Sesame Street

This video clip is brought to you by the letter S.

Word of the week: Finch

Finch Defined as: The surname of a narrow minded social worker who places Big Bird in Ohio and far away from Sesame Street. “Eliza, finch is a seed eating bird.” Well, I never said Miss Finch didn’t eat seeds did I?  Besides it is a word from this month’s movie.  Think any one will guess…

Snapped: At Old Salem North Carolina

Snapped: Body Shop

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Gorignak

Defined as: Rock More specifically, in the movie “Gorignak” is the alien term used to describe a large, angry, and seemingly indestructible rock monster. In urban dictionaries, one definition is also an insult meaning obese.

Snapped: Summer days are still far away

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