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Monday, Monday… what a circus!

This past Monday was a free for all for HT (or free-fall as she calls it). It was completely ruled by Murphy’s Law. Sit back and be prepared to be amazed. Listen while you read! It was a miracle in its own right, her temperamental car starting in subzero temperatures. But by the time she…

Driving Etiquette: Jumping to conclusions and recognizing you’re wrong

Have you ever jumped to conclusions while driving and said or done something only to realize you were wrong? What did you do?

Why short people need big cars…

Play it while you read… you know you can’t resist As a short person, alright a mutant ant, I see things from a different perspective. Stop snickering, I don’t just mean that because I’m millimeters from the ground but because I change my physical perspective all the time. Perception is something that my human is…

Driving Etiquette: Borrowing a Car

No we don’t mean stealing.  When borrowing someones car there are a few things you should remember~ Return the car in the same if not better condition Thank them verbally and in some cases monetarily Don’t wreck it

Driving Etiquette 103

When driving in a snow storm don’t tail and other commonsensical things

Driving Etiquette 102- Blocking

“Remember you are not the only automaton driving a vehicle.” Ooh, I like that. Especially coming from you. “Do you want to hear this or not?” Continue.

Driving Etiquette 101

Here’s a quote from a unself-described road rager: Do not tail the car in front of you and do not fall to far back so others can cut you off. “Eliza, I know you’re not talking about me and ‘unself’ isn’t a word. What about an Eliza Leigh described road rager?” I like unself better….

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