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Video of the Week: Little Michael

Video of the Week: Sound of Music Moment

We all need to take a moment occasionally.  Okay some need days.  Imagine you’re rushing to work via the public transportation system and when you’re running to your train (which hopefully won’t crash like a MBTA Commuter) you begin to hear a joyful voice.  Julie Andrews is not announcing delays or that beer is not…

Quote of the Week: More! The 10th Kingdom

No, no! "Rare" implies dangerously cooked. When I say rare I mean just let it look at the oven in terror, then bring it out to me.

Quote of the Week: Another from The 10th Kingdom

What in the fairying forest do you think you’re doing? Do you know who said this?  Do you know how catchy this phrase is? ”Almost as catchy as, ‘I saw something nasty in the woodshed’.  Both cause strangers to look at you strangely.” No, I think that’s the natural response you get from people.

Video of the Week: Ukraine’s Got Talent

Another link shared by @iCronos4 on Twitter. Haunting and profound.

Video of the Week: Virgile

Video of the Week: Pirates of Penzance Sing-A-Long: Paradox

Have you noticed a Pirates of Penzance theme yet? “Often…as in frequently.”

Quote of the Week: The Pirates of Penzance

  I can explain in two words: we propose to marry your daughters.- Samuel

Quote of the Week: The Pirates of Penzance

Do you mean that in order to save his own contemptible life… he dared to impress upon our credulous simplicity?!?- The Pirate King

Video of the Week: Resistance Is Futile

Sorry if I got any trekkie fans hopes up. The first dancer many have some far out moves but as of yet has not be classified alien. Don’t you wish your girlfriend could dance like that… It’s great when the third guy, not only starts dancing, but the way the second guy reacts.

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