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Snapped: Zombie Frank at Jacksonville Zoo

2009 Reflections: Top Views on Flickr

What will tomorrow bring?  Probably snow. Top ten views Top ten commented Here are the top ten favorites… These aren’t necessarily the best of the bunch, heck a few are drive by  or cell phone shots but it must be the tags.   And they may be low stats… but they are my top tens.  Woo…

Why My Human is Not Productive

Photo Credit:  Charles Kaiser  Have you ever wondered where all the hours, minutes, seconds- “Eliza, we understand the concept of time.  Mostly.  That time space continuum…” Are you shocked when your day is done but your list is longer than ever?  My Humanoid’s interruption is a classic example of how someone’s busy life become busy. …

Back from Outer Space… I Will Survive

“Eliza Leigh, are you singing!!? ” I Will Survive  What do you think the beautiful noise emanating from my mouth is? “You’re last breath?” Human, this would probably be a good time to tell you that I found your chocolate stash… and it is now depleted. “I won’t survive.  What do you want?  I’m trying to unpack…

Snapped: Barked up a Tree

All bark and no bite. One day I was climbing a tree when I looked down at the green sea below and got quite nauseous. “Eliza, are you writing another Gothic novel?” Nope, an adventure story. “I’m taking a break…”

Favorites on Flickr

It’s amazing how easily my humanoid gets distracted from cleaning, filling, anything pertaining to productivity. “I resent that!” It’s true isn’t it? “Still, I resent it… and I’m sick.” While my humanoid sulks and you are just getting back into the groove at work (a. if you work & b. if you had a long weekend)…

Snapped: Sage Leaves

Fresh Sage. So pretty, tastes divine.   What do you use Sage for?My Humanoid doesn’t use it very often medicinally wise, but likes to rub the leaves and smell it.  Do you have a favorite recipe featuring fresh sage?  Please share. “What do you like Sage for Eliza Leigh?” As bedding of course!

Snapped: Whittaker Piano

“The key to music is practice.” And this piano is seriously out of tune.  What does that tell you?

Snapped: Sunflower Candle

  The candle was illuminating the room.  The faint wafts of gardenia tickled my non-existent nose. “Eliza Leigh, what are you yammering about?  Are you writing a Yankee Candle description?” As if!  Now you made me lose my place, I’m writing a Gothic novel. “As if!”  I felt happy that this was one flower that would never wither and die. …

Snapped: Apple Blossoms

This weeks Snapped picture was taken on a lovely, lazy spring day.  My human likes to lie under this apple tree and read when she should be blogging.  I can only wait with bated breath until the day a crab apple ripens and falls on her head in punishment.

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