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Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Gorignak

Defined as: Rock More specifically, in the movie “Gorignak” is the alien term used to describe a large, angry, and seemingly indestructible rock monster. In urban dictionaries, one definition is also an insult meaning obese.

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Conundrum

Defined as: A confusing and difficult problem or question. Brando tried to discuss a “relevant conundrum” with Nesmith but he was brushed off.

10 Signs You are from another Planet- Galaxy Quest

You’re blue but not in a theater production sort of way. You are made entirely of Rock but it is not your wrestling name.

Galaxy Quest Video: Miners not Minors!

Galaxy Quest’s Word of the Week: Omega 13

Defined as: While many believed this was a reactor capable of obliterating all matter in the universe in 13 seconds it is actually a matter re-arranger that allows for a 13 second jump into the past. “Eliza, it’s not real, you understand that right? It is from Galaxy Quest.” It is still a word isn’t…

Movie Review: Galaxy Quest

A movie within a movie, a dream within a dream… Conventions and fan signings became the norm for the cast of the canceled sci-fi show Galaxy Quest that ended in the early 1980’s. In fact, Galaxy Con and other appearances were the only type of gigs they could get. Dissatisfied and more than a little…

Galaxy Quest Video: Guy!

Some of, okay most of the best lines are in this clip.  Which was your favorite? “DO I? DO I?” Part of Monthly Movie series.  Look forward to more Galaxy Quest goodness plus visit our Fan Page for extra clips posted over there.

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