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Quote of the Week: Betty Reese take on insects

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. ~Betty Reese Conversely, imagine the world taken over by mutant mosquitoes! Here is a series of photographs taken in the 1940′s giving humankind a dark glimpse into the grim possible future. Being eaten and ruled over…

Snapped: Payback and a Mutant Bug (No Relation to Eliza Leigh)

Snapped: Hungry Lizard

Video of the Week: Insects

In keeping with today’s Ant Facts post here is a macro video of insects found in a South Florida apartment on a typical summer day.  How many insects can you name?

Can Ants Smell?

Photo Credit: Myrmician on Flickr Although ants do not have a nasal cavity like humans they have antennae. These are used as a means of communication through the use of chemical signals.  In this way forager ants who scout out ahead of the colony are able to send a signal, by releasing pheromones, that the…

Snapped: It’s a Live Ant

Five Movies Every Mutant Ant Should See

I, Eliza Leigh, Mutant Ant, feel that for every great movie there are talented ants working behind the scenes. Whether they are directing traffic, eating food or building sets; ants are extremely organized and highly overlooked. “Oh Please, Eliza, get to your list already.” That was my Humanoid Translator, yet another one of you mammals…

Some Eliza Leigh Pictures

Here’s a few pictures of our resident mutant ant. They weren’t drawn by a five year old, I checked three times, but my very own human translator. “Hey, they look like a first-grade school project at least!” More to come soon. 

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