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Snapped: Moar Chocolate!

Snapped: Motley Crew eats Cake

After the cake and chocolate swim Zombie Frank went into a sugar coma and we had to call The Doctor.

Snapped: Chocolate 1UP Mario Mushroom

Snapped: Frank is Back

Thought lost forever at the Jacksonville Zoo, Frank resurfaced in North Carolina with his Zombie relatives near the monkey enclosure at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro!

Zombie Frank is Missing & 10 places he could be

We arrived back in Boston earlier today but it was while on our direct flight, between the snacks and a Blue Moon that my Human (HT) realized that Zombie Frank was not with the rest of the motley crew. At first she wasn’t concerned, this could have been due to the Blue Moon or her…

Snapped: Zombie Frank & Company

Texas 2010: Houston, we’ve arrived… almost

Written on the plane to Houston on 7/30/2010

Texas 2010: Public Transportation to Logan Airport

Written while waiting at Logan Airport on 7/30/2010 We caught an early express to North Station this morning. People were a bit pushy, but that is the norm. The conductor was very amusing, and recognized Bebe (who is a regular).  He was stationed in San Antonio years ago and was excited to hear we were eventually headed there.

Snapped: Motley Crew at Logan Airport

Texas 2010: The Motley Crew Goes on Vacation

Human Translator and Bebe were infected with the travel bug and are headed to Texas for a long weekend. After much persuasion, i.e. nagging, she agreed to bring the motley crew along. Naturally, I too am going, HT’s wearing her lovely wide brim hat that totally clashes with her outfit just for me so I…

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