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Interesting Posts from August 2011

Here are a few posts from last month that tickled my fancy. Photography Sometimes it is as simple as this post by Scott Bourne-> How to “LOOK” at a photograph. Enjoyed this interview of Bailey & Banjo on pet photography at Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier and am curious if they’d take a picture of my…

Snapped: I love trucks

Weekly Photo at OpinionatedAnt.com

  One thing HT and I agree on is trucks are cool.

Snapped: NOT Winter Island

Did I mention I get lost often?  I eventually found my way to Winter Island though.

Snapped: Salem Views

Snapped: Old Salem North Carolina

Snapped: Moar Chocolate!

Snapped: Salem Sailing

Snapped: Motley Crew eats Cake

After the cake and chocolate swim Zombie Frank went into a sugar coma and we had to call The Doctor.

Snapped: At PEM

Anyone guess what the boy is holding in the picture?  Hint: it was bought at HMart.

Snapped: It snowed on April 1st… really!

Hey strangers… I’m sure you’ve been as busy as HT & I & Mother Nature for that matter.  How many of you got snow on April 1st this year? HT was off to visit some friends in Gloucester and mentioned she was going to hit the beach first in passing.  Clearly, I am the only…

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