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Snapped: Salem at Night

Snapped: Salem Massachusetts

LensHero: Great Lens Finding Site

Hi, it is CMcKane don’t tell Eliza Leigh or HT that I’m popping in today okay? I just heard about LensHero a new website that takes the guess work out of choosing your next DSLR lens. I found it through photographer Kimberly Gauthier’s Facebook page. In less than a minute I was able to find a…

Snapped: Salem Massachusetts

Snapped: Aja Aja!

Snapped: How much is that doggy in the window?

How much is that doggy in the window? The sweetest and most adorable puppy is just waiting for you!

Snapped: Gorilla’s at Jacksonville Zoo

Vacation is over.  Fin.

Zombie Frank is Missing & 10 places he could be

We arrived back in Boston earlier today but it was while on our direct flight, between the snacks and a Blue Moon that my Human (HT) realized that Zombie Frank was not with the rest of the motley crew. At first she wasn’t concerned, this could have been due to the Blue Moon or her…

Snapped: Ships & Things

Snapped: Stage Fort Park

I randomly picked this one from my flickr stream.  Funny how well I can remember trying to get those scallywags off the slide and back into my car even  after dusk went away.

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