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Snapped: Washed Out Building

Snapped: Lunch Time


Snapped: The Man of Walden Pond

Snapped: Strolling Walden Pond

Snapped: Walking Walden Pond


Snapped Story: Hungry Lizard Versus Sneaky Swan

      Once there was a hungry lizard.  He dreamed only of fresh, succulent cherries.      Before he could get his reptilian hands on the ripe fruit it was snatched by a beautiful yet selfish swan.  After wailing and losing a tail in grief the lizard began to plot his revenge.    Payback you fowl creature!  

Snapped: Payback and a Mutant Bug (No Relation to Eliza Leigh)

Snapped: Swan Prince

Snapped: Cherries

Snapped: Hungry Lizard

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