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Snapped: Who’s This?

Snapped: Alley

Snapped: Breakfast

Snapped: It’s a Live Ant

Bonus Snapped Story: Treasure Where You Least Expect It

View Full Album Cleaning can be fun!  Deep in the confines of a packrat’s abode this magical Monopoly tin was hidden.  Discovered years later, the hinges squeaked while the girl slowly opened it, holding her breath hoping it the remains of a forgotten lunch was not rotting inside.  Surprised and intrigued as the contents are…

Snapped: 1UP Quenches Thirst

Snapped: 1UP Watching the World from Level 5- “The Sky” from Super Mario Bros. 3

Snapped: 1UP on US Airways

In the Garden: Be Warned It’s a Jungle in Here!

For maximum immersion play this song while reading. “Think of it as this posts theme song.” Try It! Spend five minutes (or more) in your yard, deck or parking lot. Take pictures of things you find, whether they are every day items or buried treasure. Look below to see what eL & HT found. Enjoy. So out of…

Snapped: Hot Sauce, Smelly Royalty & Dead Ants

Once upon a time in a town called Mayberry my  human stumbled across some hot sauce with her picture on the label. “Eliza!  There are so many things wrong with this post.” Besides the fact that you have no Sir Fartalot? no…No…NO!  Not the shoebox! “Let’s start over.” “There once was an opinionated ant. A shoe…

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