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Pet Peeves at the Movies: What’s Yours?

Photo credit: ChrisGoldNY on Flickr My human went to see Ice Age 3 without me two weeks ago. “And it was lovely.” I’m beginning to notice a trend…..sorry human, the butter isn’t melting, now get that angelic expression off your face. “My aren’t we cranky!” You would to if it happened to you.  Human, must…

Rambles: Life Lessons

If you always have to explain your favorite movie quotes to others- just don’t quote. Put pillows at the base of all your stairs or a mini-trampoline. Eat good food- whatever tastes good to you. Try not to fall asleep in the tub- you are NOT on Invasion. Channel your inner Yoda, whatever that means.

Rambles: Life Lessons

Five more kernels of wisdom from the most intelligent mutant ant you’ve ever known. “You’re the only mutant ant.” Ha, that’s what you think! Brush your teeth, you never know when you’ll have a close encounter, of any kind. If you loan family money, charge ‘em interest. If you’re singing in public- be really drunk…

New Flickr Obsession

If you followed us over on blogger then you know how much we love taking random pictures. I direct and my human executes. It’s really a win-win. I take credit for the lovely shots and pass the blame on for the bad, bizarre or simply blase. “Back to Flickr.”

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