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Snapped: Seabrook Island at Angel Oak

While on vacation HT went to Angel Oak 1 and took so many pictures that the tree got annoyed and dropped the creepiest looking baby crab/weird looking insect on her head. It wasn’t me… and I was disappointed when she just ripped it out of her hair and flung it away without even the tiniest…

Snapped: Seabrook Island Flowers

HT went to Seabrook Island, South Carolina this summer.  If you ever get a chance to check the area out- do it!  Walking by the field of flowers a father said to his young daughter, “Don’t pick the flowers”. Then he turned around and saw the sign.  Unless it is in your neighbor’s yard, please…

Snapped: I love trucks

Weekly Photo at OpinionatedAnt.com

  One thing HT and I agree on is trucks are cool.

Snapped: NOT Winter Island

Did I mention I get lost often?  I eventually found my way to Winter Island though.

Snapped: Salem Views

Snapped: Old Salem North Carolina

Snapped: Moar Chocolate!

Snapped: Salem Sailing

Snapped: Motley Crew eats Cake

After the cake and chocolate swim Zombie Frank went into a sugar coma and we had to call The Doctor.

Snapped: At PEM

Anyone guess what the boy is holding in the picture?  Hint: it was bought at HMart.

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