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Texas 2010: Houston, we’ve arrived… almost

Written on the plane to Houston on 7/30/2010

Texas 2010: Public Transportation to Logan Airport

Written while waiting at Logan Airport on 7/30/2010 We caught an early express to North Station this morning. People were a bit pushy, but that is the norm. The conductor was very amusing, and recognized Bebe (who is a regular).  He was stationed in San Antonio years ago and was excited to hear we were eventually headed there.

Snapped: Motley Crew at Logan Airport

Texas 2010: The Motley Crew Goes on Vacation

Human Translator and Bebe were infected with the travel bug and are headed to Texas for a long weekend. After much persuasion, i.e. nagging, she agreed to bring the motley crew along. Naturally, I too am going, HT’s wearing her lovely wide brim hat that totally clashes with her outfit just for me so I…

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