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Video of the Week: Rock Bottom by Bob Lorrimer

One of the coolest things about this short film is his voice and facial expressions. ROCK BOTTOM from bob lorrimer on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: Base Jumping in Norway

There were so many different verisons of this clip on YouTube, one even with the song Flying Horses (want to watch that one instead?) but here is any amazing excerpt from Seven Sunny Days. The 2007 movie was put out by Matchstick Productions.  Have you tried it? “I’ve stood on a base and jumped up…

Video of the Week: Green Acres~ Music to Milk By

Do you remember this show?  It kills me.  Watch the mini episode above.  I don’t think that was a very good vet, kids don’t try that at home.  Especially if you have cows.

Video of the Week: Mad Men~ Sesame Street Style

I used to love this show growing up and it’s amazing that it is now into it’s 40th season!  So what’s new on the magical street home to Big Bird?  A Mad Men spoof. I won’t lie, I still have yet to see the show but perhaps watching puppets mimic first will bring me one…

Video of the Week: A Short Love Story in Stop Motion

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo. Check this out for more about the making of this whimsical tale.

Video of the Week: Wendy Williams

How you doin? “Great, thanks for asking.” Not YOU human!  Here’s another short clip of Chris Kattan- “I missed Bollywood Hero.  D e v a s t a t e d.” So was he when Wendy wouldn’t let him “fake” kiss her.

Video of the Week: Little Michael

Video of the Week: Sound of Music Moment

We all need to take a moment occasionally.  Okay some need days.  Imagine you’re rushing to work via the public transportation system and when you’re running to your train (which hopefully won’t crash like a MBTA Commuter) you begin to hear a joyful voice.  Julie Andrews is not announcing delays or that beer is not…

Video of the Week: Bay Bridge Gets Twisted

There are a few videos up of driving Bay Bridge (it reopened yesterday after a scheduled maintenance plus an emergency fix) on YouTube.  My human wanted to watch dancing people in train stations but this reminded me of playing car games.  Like Road Rage, without the rage, Homer Simpson, points or bumper cars. Ooh here’s…

Video of the Week: Ukraine’s Got Talent

Another link shared by @iCronos4 on Twitter. Haunting and profound.

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