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Word of the Week: Siblicide

Defined as: Killing or killer of sibling You should read this excerpt from my memoirs if you want to hear about siblicide. “But how can you call it siblicide if you’re still alive?” Fine. Attempted siblicide. Check out the Word Directory for more.

Word of the Week: Septimanal

Defined as: Weekly This word segment is supposed to be septimanal. Check out the Word Directory for more.

Word of the Week: Alterity

Defined as: State of being different It would take an eternity to qualify just what alterity truly is. “Not really.” Don’t be contrary. “My opinion just differs from yours. Alterity.” Hmm, as the Great Dread Pirate Roberto once said, You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means….

Word of the Week: Amanuensis

Defined as: One employed to write from dictation Human Translator is my amanuensis.  Unfortunately, she is pathetically incompetent at her job continually interfering with her own sad commentary. “I’m employed!?  Where’s my money?” Spreading my knowledge to the masses should be payment enough. Check out the Word Directory for more.

Word of the Week: Algophobia

Defined as: Fear of pain. Last Tuesday, HT who boasts she doesn’t suffer from algophobia had to be sedated to get one measly tooth out. “Eliza Leigh, it was an impacted wisdom tooth that had to be surgically removed.  Besides I asked if I could stay awake but they said no.  I’d rather be in…

Word of the Week: Abrosia

Defined as: Abstinence from food.  Fasting. Human Translator will be familiar with this word tonight. Abrosia after midnight but she’s already bought two ice creams for after her wisdom tooth extraction. Human, does that mean what little wisdom you had will be gone come tomorrow. “Perhaps, so I had better kill you while I’m thinking clearly.”

Word of the Week: Abactor

Defined as: Cattle Thief This week while exploring Texas I am determined to become an abactor. “Eliza, this week I am determined to crush you beneath my boots.” That means you have to buy some.

Word of the Week: Jerque

Defined: To search for smuggled goods HT, also known as my Human Translator, bought and hid my favorite cookies on me.  She is a tormentor but I am highly trained as a forager and am just biding my time till she falls asleep so I may jerque to my hearts content. “I already ate them.”…

Word of the Week: Jocoserious

Defined as: Half serious and half in jest With a jocoserious tinged voice, she threatened my life. “No Eliza, that was a deadly serious tone.”

Word of the Week: Jarta

Defined as: Term of endearment Human, this is a term I’ll never use for you. “What term?” Jarta. “You do love me- now die!” Ahhh, not the Raid!

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