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Galaxy Quest Video: Miners not Minors!

Galaxy Quest Video: Guy!

Some of, okay most of the best lines are in this clip.  Which was your favorite? “DO I? DO I?” Part of Monthly Movie series.  Look forward to more Galaxy Quest goodness plus visit our Fan Page for extra clips posted over there.

Extra Princess Bride Clips

The month is almost over.  Sadly, HT was too consumed with winter time woes (names traveling and shoveling during storms) to give this month’s theme The Princess Bride as much honor as it deserved. So for the last day of the first month in the new year think about the devilish Humperdink, a vengeful sot,…

Video of the Week: Doctor Who Duet

“I was just wasting time online yesterday and stumbled across this awesome fan video.” Liar.  Your mum posted it on her facebook wall and tagged you in it. “How did you know?  I mean- WHAT!” I have all your passwords and know everything.  Muwhahaha!

Video of the Week: Summer Time Stress

Video of the Week

All right now before you watch this video, which is almost 5 minutes long but pay close attention around the minute mark, put yourself into the boy’s shoes… err swim trunks… just pretend you’re him okay!  Then after you are afraid you’re going to fall to your death from the lifeguard’s stoop- “Hey it is…

Video of the Week: Earthquake Tragedy in Haiti

Yesterday’s 7.0 earthquake was followed by aftershocks of smaller magnitude but the damage done to the region was catastrophic.  The earthquake struck 10 miles outside the capital of Haiti, causing incomprehensible destruction in the densely populated city while those in Santo Domingo rushed out of their homes during tremors.  With buildings flattened and more barely…

Video of the Week: Nota from Sing Off

Do I really need to say more?  They had so many great performances but ding-a-ling hitting those notes is not easy, especially a capella.  Believe me, as a gifted mutant ant even I struggle to- ahhh, stay alive! “Why are you running away from me Eliza Leigh?  Come back it is only your medicine.” *Update:…

Video of the Week: Green Acres~ Music to Milk By

Do you remember this show?  It kills me.  Watch the mini episode above.  I don’t think that was a very good vet, kids don’t try that at home.  Especially if you have cows.

Video of the Week: Mad Men~ Sesame Street Style

I used to love this show growing up and it’s amazing that it is now into it’s 40th season!  So what’s new on the magical street home to Big Bird?  A Mad Men spoof. I won’t lie, I still have yet to see the show but perhaps watching puppets mimic first will bring me one…

Video of the Week: Wendy Williams

How you doin? “Great, thanks for asking.” Not YOU human!  Here’s another short clip of Chris Kattan- “I missed Bollywood Hero.  D e v a s t a t e d.” So was he when Wendy wouldn’t let him “fake” kiss her.

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