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Video of the Week: Little Michael

Video of the Week: Sound of Music Moment

We all need to take a moment occasionally.  Okay some need days.  Imagine you’re rushing to work via the public transportation system and when you’re running to your train (which hopefully won’t crash like a MBTA Commuter) you begin to hear a joyful voice.  Julie Andrews is not announcing delays or that beer is not…

Video of the Week: Ukraine’s Got Talent

Another link shared by @iCronos4 on Twitter. Haunting and profound.

Video of the Week: Insects

In keeping with today’s Ant Facts post here is a macro video of insects found in a South Florida apartment on a typical summer day.  How many insects can you name?

The Case of the Cookie Tormenter

  Eliza stars in her first movie.  It’s an one minute movie with a mystery at the end.  Watch it, then finish the story below.  It is voiceless (apart from the chirping birds), a bit noisy and captioned. Let us know what you think, enjoy.   Looking for more One Minute Movies?  Here are a…

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